3Ph closed loop servo motor 3NM Nema23+Driver


LCDA357H Drive functional characteristics

Voltage range: 18~50 VDC

maximum peak current: 7A

Segmentation scope: 200 ~ 51200ppr

Signal input: difference/single-ended, pulse/direction

Optical isolation signal inputting, strong anti-jamming capability

Impulse response frequency: 200 KHZ

Electricity parameter automatic setting function

Closed-loop vector control, high speed and large torque output of motor, meanwhile, guarantee no step to lose

Low vibration noise, Over-voltage, over-current, tracking error over proof protection function


1.Stepping closed-loop circuit system, no loss of movement synchronization.
2.Improve motor output moment of force and speed.
3.Current is adjusted depending on the load, reducing motor temperature rise.
4.Fit for all kinds of machinery load conditions (including low rigidity belt wheel and pulley) without adjusting the gain parameters.
5.Motor runs smoothly, vibrates mildly, and improves acceleration and deceleration dynamic performance.
6.Zero speed static ability of no vibration after completion of positioning.
7.Impulse response frequency is up to 200kHz.
8.It supports over current protection, over voltage protection, position out-of-tolerance protection.


3Ph 425oz.in DSP Hybrid Servo Driver 3NM Closed-Loop Stepper Motor NEMA23 +Cable

Servo motor ideal for Knitting machines applications compatible with DTM controller.

The package include :

1. stepper motor LC57H3100

2. stepper drive LCDA357H

3. 3M Encoder cable& Power Cable

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Current Type: DC Model:


rotational inertia: 0.7 g.m2 MPN:

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Encoder ppr: 1000 Country/Region of Manufacture: China
Voltage range: 18~50 VDC Holding Torque: 3NM
maximum peak current: 7A Accessories: 3M Encoder cable& Power Cable
Segmentation scope: 200 ~ 51200ppr UPC:

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Signal input: difference/single-ended, pulse/direction Nominal Rated Input Voltage: 24 V, 48 V
Impulse response frequency: 200 KHZ Full Step Angle: 1.2°


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Dimensions 300 × 200 × 150 cm


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