Main Features:
1 Compatible MD556
2. For 42/57/86 MM stepper motor

The DM556 is a fully digital step unit based on a DSP with advanced control algorithm. The DM556 is the next generation of digital stepper motor controls. It provides a unique level of system smoothness, which provides optimum torque and nullifies mid-range stability. The self-test technology and parameter setting of the Motor offers an optimal response with different motors and easy-to-use The driven motors can operate with much smaller noise, less heating, smoother movement than most units in the markets Its unique features make the DM556 an ideal solution for applications that require low speed smoothness.

Compared to the DM432C, the input voltage and wider output current ranges make the DM556 can drive much more motors than the DM432C. In addition, due to its higher DSP performance, driven motors can achieve a much higher speed (above 3000 RPM) than the DM432C, offers servo-type performances.

· Anti-resonance, provides optimal torque and cancels midrange stability

· Motor self-test technology and automatic parameter configuration, offers optical responses with different motors

· Multi Step allows a low resolution step input to produce a higher micropass output for smooth system performance

· Programmable micro-step resolutions, full step at 102,400 steps / rev

· Supply voltage up to + 50 VDC

Programmable output current, from 0.5A to 5.6A

Pulse input frequency of up to 200 KHz

TTL compatible and optically isolated

· Automatic DC reduction

· Suitable for 2 phase and 4 phase motors

· Supports PUL / DIR and CW / CCW modes

· Protection against overvoltage, overcurrent and phase errors

Model: DM542

Input voltage: 20-50 Vdc (typical 24 V / 36VDC)

Input Control signal current: 7-16 MA (typical 10mA)

Output Current: 1-4.2A

Pulse Rate: Max 200kHz

Insulation resistance: 100 Mohm

Operating environment: 0-50 degrees, 40-90% RH

Storage temperature: -20 ~ 65 degree

* 32 bit DSPT technology, ultra-low vibration noise

* Automatic power setting function, optional dial code

* Precision current control greatly reduces engine heating

* At rest, the current is automatically reduced by half. Select SW4

* Single and double pulse support

* Can drive 4, 6, 8 two-step stepper motor lines

* Optical isolation differential signal input

* Pulse response frequency of up to 200 KHz

* 3-bit dial code, you can configure 8 subdivisions

* 4-bit dial code, 16-level division adjustable

* Overvoltage, short circuit and other protection functions

* External alarm output, maximum output current 100mA, voltage 24Vdc